Jumbotail doubles its GMV in FY23; achieves profitability in 1/3rd biz

Jumbotail, India’s leading online B2B marketplace and New Retail platform for food & grocery serving over 250,000 kirana stores across 50+ major cities and towns covering 3600 pin codes, today announced results for the Fiscal Year 2023. The startup marked a 100% YoY increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) (net of cancellations and returns), reaching 2262 crore in FY23, up from 1128 crore in FY22. This growth was driven by deeper penetration into retailer wallet share and a successful national expansion strategy. Jumbotail has ended the year strongly with key regions, constituting one third of its business, now operating profitably.

Ashish Jhina, Co-founder and COO Jumbotail said, “We are very satisfied with our performance in FY23. With the enthusiastic response from over 2000+ national and regional brands and manufacturers listing on our platform, and with our customers’ trust in our platform and service, we have broadened our reach and deepened our presence across the nation. Moreover, our organic growth, with 100% of orders coming via the Jumbotail app without any salesforce taking orders, and with over 3x higher average buying frequency per kirana per month in our platform compared to other platforms, highlights our focus on driving profitability via technology leadership and a successful digital-first approach.”

Jumbotail’s plan for FY24 includes further doubling its net operating revenues, growing its customer base by ~65% to reach 400,000 kirana stores, and increasing the number of J24 stores to 300 stores (serving 1 million consumers for their daily grocery needs). With investments in AI-driven products for growth and cost optimization, the company aims to have all its cities operating profitably in the next 12 months.

The company’s focus on value creation through technology-driven scale has led to significant efficiencies, with the platform achieving in-stock availability of ~95% and Jumbotail Logistics delivering an order fill rate of over 97%. This performance is substantially above industry standards of ~65%, proving Jumbotail’s effectiveness in meeting the needs of its Kirana customers. Jumbotail Logistics operates over 1.2M Sqft of fulfilment centers and distribution centers across 23 major cities, serving over 50+ cities and towns within 150km radius of each fulfilment center. In FY23 Jumbotail Logistics shipped 1.1 billion units of products, up from 0.49 billion in the previous fiscal year, representing a surge of over 125% in the units shipped. It is notable that Jumbotail does not enforce a min order value and delivers even single units to small and medium size kirana stores who buy in smaller quantities more frequently. Jumbotail also efficiently handled 15 million orders in FY23, compared to 6 million in FY22, and ensured that more than 75% of orders were delivered within the next day.

Jumbotail’s cost structures continued to remain efficient as higher sales were generated from deeper wallet penetration per customer, resulting in higher frequency of purchase, and higher demand density in the clusters. FMCG products in Packaged Foods, Biscuits, Snacks, & Confectionery, Beverages, Tea, Coffee, Personal care, Home Care constituted nearly 40% of sales on the platform, resulting in margin expansion.

Ashish Jhina added, “As we look forward to FY24, we intend to continue our strong trajectory of driving sustainable growth and profitability, thereby further consolidating our leadership in the market. We plan to hire top talent in a wide range of functions across category management, product management, marketing, supply chain planning and design, tech, AI/ML, Decision Science, and UX Design to drive our FY24 goals.”

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