Atomic: Embed Treasuries & Money Market Funds into your Product

BY DAVID DINDI Founder of • MARCH 28, 2023

We are excited to finally unveil our Treasury APIs and Turnkey Experiences, designed to enable both B2C and B2B financial services companies to offer yield and treasury management services to their customers. With these solutions, you can effortlessly introduce a variety of yield-related use cases into your product, such as high-yielding cash accounts, goal-based savings accounts, and corporate treasury management featuring access to treasury bills, money market funds, and FDIC-insured sweeps.

Why now for B2C companies?

The global economy has entered a new paradigm characterized by higher inflation and interest rates, driven by a combination of cyclical and structural factors. This shift has pushed front-end treasury yields to their highest levels in a decade, making treasury bills and money market funds attractive investment options. Atomic’s investment infrastructure simplifies the process of providing your customers with easy access to treasury bills and money market funds, enabling them to benefit from these macroeconomic shifts.

Why now for B2B companies?

The collapse of SVB has underscored the critical importance of effective treasury management for companies whose balance sheets surpass the $250K FDIC insurance limit. These companies require accessible and automated solutions that not only facilitate the diversification of their working capital across multiple banks for increased insurance coverage but also implement automated treasury-bill ladders. This approach enables them to optimize yield on long-term capital, automatically align bond maturities with their liquidity needs, help mitigate interest rate risk, and ensure the full backing of their assets by the U.S. Government. Atomic’s APIs make it easy for you to seamlessly integrate these solutions into your offering.

Investment Options
  • Treasury Bills: Provide your clients with easy access to T-bills, offering secure, short-term investments with the full backing of the U.S. government.
  • Money Market Funds: Offer your clients a range of money market funds, enabling them to earn interest on their cash while preserving liquidity and the ability to withdraw at will.
  • FDIC Insured Sweeps: Offer clients daily interest income and greater FDIC insurance protection than what is currently available at a single banking institution.
Use Cases
  • High-Yielding Cash Accounts: Enhance your existing banking offerings with automatic sweeps into money market funds that drive customer acquisition and loyalty. 
  • Corporate Treasury Management: Enable your business clients to automatically diversify their working capital and optimize their long-term capital with personalized treasury ladders tailored to their unique liquidity needs.
  • Goal-Based Savings: Support your customers in achieving their short and long-term financial objectives with goal-based savings portfolios, offering attractive interest rates that accelerate progress towards milestones such as vacations, home down payments, or major purchases.
  • Emergency Savings: Empower your customers to build a financial safety net with emergency savings portfolios featuring competitive interest rates through investments in money market funds. 
Key Features
  • Fully Managed Laddering: Take advantage of our automated and personalized bond laddering strategies to optimize yield and liquidity for your customers.
  • Minimal Lift: Launch yield-related use-case without the burden of developing in-house regulatory, brokerage operations, and compliance expertise.
  • Zero Account Minimums: Allow clients to benefit from high-yielding investment opportunities, regardless of their initial investment size.
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