Atomic launches an investing API for fintechs with $25M in funding.


Today, we are proud to announce our official launch and to share that we have raised $25 million in funding. Our latest round (Series A) was led by QED Investors and Anthemis with additional backing from Softbank and a group of best-in-class fintech investors, entrepreneurs, and executives. Atomic allows fintechs, banks, and credit unions to seamlessly integrate investing offerings into their products.

We started with a vision of making wealth-building accessible to every single human being. To accomplish this, we set out to eliminate barriers for others to provide high-quality investment experiences globally. Using Atomic’s APIs, consumer-facing fintechs and banks can now launch investing products in a matter of weeks, without the cost burden of developing in-house regulatory, brokerage operations, and compliance expertise.

Our team has gone beyond the last mile to offer cutting-edge investing capabilities, including direct indexing, ESG investing, tax-loss harvesting, and multi-asset class investing across 60 global markets. We are proud to say that Atomic is the first company to offer these services at zero account minimums. Everyone from the C-suite to Main Street can now have access to best-in-class investing options.

At Atomic, we believe that universal access to wealth is critical to ensuring a stable financial future for our societies globally. In the US, for instance, it is critical for combatting the realities of retirement poverty and a mounting student debt crisis. Atomic has already partnered with innovative fintech platforms that are solving these problems of tomorrow; for example, Upside, an app that transforms student debt into investment opportunities. Using Atomic’s API infrastructure, Upside built a wealth management offering that allows users to refinance their student loans and reinvest their savings. In our partnership with Upside — as with many other banks, fintechs, and credit unions — we help amplify the great work these financial services companies are already doing.

There is so much more to tell about the Atomic story, and we look forward to sharing that with you over the coming weeks and months. Look for more upcoming updates from us that will reveal new partnerships and product offerings. If you are interested in what Atomic is doing, we’d love to hear from you!

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our investors, and our growing network of partners for putting in 120% to making this a reality.

About Atomic

Atomic enables consumer-facing fintechs to integrate wealth management and trading into their products in a frictionless way. Using the Atomic platform, companies can launch engaging investing experiences without the burden of developing in-house regulatory, operational, and compliance expertise. Businesses powered by Atomic can offer their customers cutting-edge investing capabilities such as ethical investing, direct indexing, and tax-loss harvesting.